Wedding Group PicIt’s one of the biggest decisions when planning a wedding. Will the Floral arrangements match my wedding style? There are so many things to consider; will my flowers match my wedding dress, my bridesmaids’ dresses, my groom’s suit and the table decorations? You want your wedding day to be perfect but one bad design choice can make or break your special day. Your perfect blush roses are actually mauve, they don’t match your bridesmaids dress colour or your table runner…… and the entire colour palette of your wedding has changed! Everyone agrees that fresh flowers are absolutely stunning, but using fresh flowers open you up to a whole world of uncertainties.


Classic greenery with white or cream is definitely a popular trend at the moment in wedding floral style.


Will My Floral Arrangement Match?

In a world of neutrals, naturals and all things macramé inspired, the classic greenery with white or cream is definitely a hot look at the moment in wedding floral style. It has the ability to suit almost any colour palette when it comes to bridesmaids, which makes it a definite favourite. Not only can you apply it to many colours, but it also lends itself to metallic’s and various other mediums including stone, marble, timber and jute as shown below in our table centre piece design. It’s just so versatile and if you really want to you can pop in little pockets of colour throughout.

Matching Your Wedding Dress

married coupleThere is definitely a trick to choosing a white and green colour palette when dealing with flowers. The shades of white vary so greatly, you need to be careful of all the underlying tones of your wedding dress, along with the tones of your flowers. White, Ivory, Cream, Nougat, Moscato, Blush and so on are common in wedding gown styling and underlays and can make choosing your flowers a nightmare… and you may not realise the nightmare until you’re standing there with your flowers in hand, looking in the mirror and seeing a clash in colour. Unlike fresh flowers, artificial wedding flowers give you the luxury of choosing and knowing beforehand the exact tones of your flowers when put against the tones of your dress. There are no surprises with artificial wedding flowers and you will be so grateful for it when you see your photos! The other big factor is the foliage. With so many options available it can make or break the total look. Dark green and glossy, mid green and tropical, sage green and soft, grey/green and country. You really need to think about it long and hard. A good floral designer should help you there and you really need one if you want your wedding to be elegant and beautiful.


A Real Life Example

A perfect example of the classic greenery with white flowers is pictured to the right. It’s one of my favourites and the lovely Nicole looked amazing on her special day. The sage green/grey foliage with white flowers and fillers worked perfectly together. Our white king Protea is featured in this bouquet and again (pictured below) in the arbor garland. Throughout the whole wedding there is cohesion and flow in every photo! The bouquet is beautifully designed taking particular care and attention to the shade of white blending to the colour of the dress and then flowing throughout the theme of the wedding elegantly. This style suits most weddings and is an easy choice if you’re worried about clashing colours on your wedding day.

Table Center Piece

Nicole's wedding