“I can’t use artificial flowers at my wedding, they look so tacky!” I hear people say all the time… well, we’re not talking the old fashioned artificial flowers of yesteryear! The advancements in authenticity where faux flowers are concerned is simply astounding and gets better all the time. With new mediums being used such as latex, flocking, and high quality wax finish foliage, you simply can’t tell the difference in most cases! So before you have your heart set on fresh, I suggest you read on to see the benefits of artificial.


1. Artificial Flowers Are ALWAYS In Season

Probably the number one advantage is being able to have whatever flower your heart desires. Yes, those hard to get peonies, expensive orchids and delicate roses. You no longer have to think about seasons or even think of planning your wedding date because you had your heart set on a particular flower style to suit the theme of your wedding. Your favourite flower in your favourite colour is there for the choosing… and it’s just that simple!

2. No Wilting, No Dying and You Can Keep Them Forever

Heat is a huge enemy of fresh flowers, and for those of us who live in the hot parts of the country, we know that it doesn’t take much for your beautiful blooms to start looking sad… not only will your artificial flowers look amazing all day, but they can be kept for years to come. So many brides have their absolutely stunning bouquet sitting proudly in a gorgeous vase in their home as part of the decor. Just a beautiful reminder of their special day.


3. Artificial Flowers Are Allergy Free

Now this can be a big one for some people and for their guests. Allergies on your wedding day can be a nightmare for a bride when all they really want is to be surrounded by gorgeous flowers on the most important day in a girls life! No sneezing, wheezing, itching or pollen’s to worry about. Just beautiful flowers that everyone can enjoy!

4. Easy To Transport For Destination Weddings

The biggest issue with a destination wedding is not knowing a good florist in that area or you have chosen a region that has very specific flower types. Many times we’ve had brides-to-be come to us for flowers that can be sent to countries all over the world. They love the idea of completing their look from head to toe with flowers that may not be available in their destination country. Artificial flowers can be easily boxed and transported without any hassle, are generally lightweight and once there can be unpacked, fluffed out and looking perfect. They are quite hardy and travel well. With some locations, in particular beaches, it is common for fresh flowers to be completely banned due to local laws protecting the Eco system. Good quality artificial blooms are the perfect alternative and you definitely won’t regret it.

5. No Surprises On Your Wedding Day

Probably the most valuable reason of all… your bouquets and flowers for your ceremony and reception will look the same from start to finish. Yes, imagine that. You know exactly what you’re getting, how it will look, and whether you have nailed the colour, style and that vision you had in your head all along. Our team of professional designers can help you with matching your flowers to your wedding theme to avoid any clashing colours on your big day! Our process is to create your draft bouquet, send you an image before finishing and get your approval. We make any necessary changes, let you know the cost before we finish and move onto the next piece. It’s that simple and that valuable. You then have a clear image in your head of how it is all going to look from bridal party, to ceremony and lastly reception. Yes please!



If you ask us at Ginger Says, we think that Artificial Wedding Flowers are far better than fresh flowers and you can obviously see why! We can replicate any fresh flower bouquets and the benefits outweigh what you’d get from a florist. Our Artificial Wedding Flowers have been shipped to many different countries around the world, and if you look at the quality of our bouquets, you can see why!

Breathtaking Flowers Aren't They?

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